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What do you think about fake news?

Local Talk for the week of June 14, 2017

Kathy Sparrow's Headshot

We need to find the truth, because we can’t believe what we’re being told.

Kathy Sparrow
Department Service Coordinator
Phil Andrew's Headshot

It makes me want to tune out more.

Phil Andrew
Santa Cruz
Janet Maze's Headshot

You’ve got to keep on fighting and make sure that people have reasons for what they say, and they don’t just give us this crap.

Janet Maze
Santa Cruz
Retired Anesthesiologist
John Furrier's Headshot

As I see civil discourse out of control and all the different opinions, I want to know more. I need the data. So I scour around looking for facts.

John Furrier
Silicon Valley
Peter Emanuel's Headshot

George Washington never told a lie. Richard Nixon always told lies. Donald Trump doesn’t know the difference.

Peter Emanuel
Retired Software Engineer
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