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What do you think about rent control in Santa Cruz?

Local Talk for the week of April 4, 2018

Charles Craumer's Headshot

It’s necessary. It makes it so that the average Santa Cruz resident can live here.

Charles Craumer
Santa Cruz
Fly Fishing Guide
Steve Carlson's Headshot

It’s going to happen, but it will be ineffective because people will figure out a way around it.

Steve Carlson
Santa Cruz
Retired Physicist
Michael Jack's Headshot

I think rent should be determined by the income of the area.

Michael Jack
Boulder Creek
Pete Mayorga's Headshot

There should be rent control in Santa Cruz. Not everyone is high tech, not everyone has a lucrative job, and as Silicon Valley prices push people out, it’s driving the prices up everywhere else.

Pete Mayorga
Boulder Creek
Software Engineer
Chana Landi's Headshot

Great for renters. Should have happened 15 years ago. Not so great for homeowners.

Chana Landi
Home Maker
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