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Do you think the Santa Cruz Wharf needs a makeover?

Naomi Barshi's Headshot

I think that Santa Cruz needs to consider its vision for its own future, and the wharf could be at the heart for that vision.

Naomi Barshi
Santa Cruz
Teacher at Large
Sharon Wright-Miller's Headshot

I don’t feel it does, I think that there needs to be some repairs, but not any makeovers or large structures created.

Sharon Wright-Miller
Santa Cruz,
Administrative Secretary
Beau Saunders's Headshot

We need to update with the times, but keep the small-town feeling that made Santa Cruz great in the beginning.


Beau Saunders
Santa Cruz
Cid Pearlman's Headshot

If the income generated from improvements would bring more housing to low-income and working people of Santa Cruz, and to students, I might be for it.

Cid Pearlman
Santa Cruz
Joe Johnson's Headshot

Of course the wharf needs a makeover! I hit a bump on my bike and my phone went flying and got smashed.

Joe Johnson
Santa Cruz
Network Engineer
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