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What do you think about the shared electric bikes that recently showed up around Santa Cruz?

Local Talk for the week of May 16, 2018.

Andrea Cohen's Headshot

I’m really interested in the experiment, and I’ve seen what other cities have done with them and I’ll wait until the jury is out.

Andrea Cohen
Santa Cruz
University Administrator
Rachel Strawn's Headshot

I feel like safety is a big concern. No helmets come with them, nobody tells you how it works or how to safely operate them.

Rachel Strawn
Santa Cruz
Bike Shop Accountant
David Pera's Headshot

I think it’s a good way to get from [the Westside] to downtown and then just drop it off.

David Pera
Santa Cruz
Real Estate Broker
Rachael Gerber's Headshot

I think that any encouragement for using bicycles and a shared system of bicycles is a great idea, and great for Santa Cruz, which is pretty heavy on traffic.

Rachael Gerber
Santa Cruz
Farmers Marketeer
Jim Allen-Young's Headshot

It’s a great transportation alternative, it gives you a lot of flexibility and can get you around town and out of your car.

Jim Allen-Young
Santa Cruz
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