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Do you think that taking a knee during the national anthem is an appropriate form of protest?

Local Talk for the week of September 27, 2017

Torin Buholtz's Headshot

I think taking the knee is one of the best ways you could protest. You’re not getting in anyone’s face, you’re not disrupting anyone’s day, you’re doing what you feel.

Torin Buholtz
Boulder Creek
Retired Sound Engineer
Wayne Koh's Headshot

Speaking as a former veteran, I find it to be highly disrespectful. However, that is a First Amendment right.

Wayne Koh
Santa Cruz
Laid Back Lenny's Headshot

Yes, I think it is. It shows solidarity with all of the team members.

Laid Back Lenny
Santa Cruz
Brian Ramler's Headshot

I personally think it’s a bit disrespectful to kneel during the national anthem. Regardless of what the president is saying, you should always respect the flag.

Brian Ramler
Santa Cruz
Financial Analyst
Elizabeth Murphy's Headshot

Yes. There is a history of protest by athletes, from Tommie Smith and John Carlos’ Black Power salute on the podium in the 1968 Olympics to Kobe Bryant and Lebron James wearing “I Can’t Breathe” shirts in 2014.

Elizabeth Murphy
Finance Manager
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