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What are your thoughts on the election results?

Local talk for the week of November 16, 2016

Kim Gordon's Headshot

I’m feeling terrified. We have a president who hates women and gays, wants to build a wall between here and Mexico, and has no political experience whatsoever.

Kim Gordon
Boulder Creek
Dog Walker/Bartender
Gary McCormick's Headshot

Overall, I’m alright with it. The pollsters were wrong, but the public spoke their mind.

Gary McCormick
Ben Lomond
Wine Buyer
Robert Deliviera's Headshot

I feel that Bernie Sanders should have run against both of them and beat them.

Robert Deliviera
Santa Cruz
Joy Slicker's Headshot

It was a disappointment, mainly because Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

Joy Slicker
Santa Cruz
Brandon Leonardich's Headshot

My fingers are crossed and I’m hoping for the best.

Brandon Leonardich
Santa Cruz
Concrete pump operator
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