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Is it time for a serious conversation about our gun laws?

Local Talk for the week of October 4, 2017.

Finn Sayce's Headshot

Being a Brit, we see all the news and the gun crime happening in America and we think it’s quite crazy that you haven’t done anything already.

Finn Sayce
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My uncle was at the concert in Las Vegas. He says it is something that should be looked at, but to infringe on our liberties granted to us by ourselves is just one step closer to not having any at all.

Chase R.
Santa Cruz
Six o Nine's Headshot

It’s not a gun issue, it’s a people issue. That’s where we should start the discussion.

Six o Nine
Santa Cruz
Wood Design/Builder
Vergie Murietta's Headshot

It’s a perfect time to talk about gun policy. I’m down for it 100 percent.

Vergie Murietta
Santa Cruz
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It’s time to not have conversations, it’s time for change.

Ryan P
Santa Cruz
Network Engineer
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