Local Talk

If you could wake up with a new skill or ability, what would it be?

Local Talk for the week of May 23, 2018

Alan Ritch's Headshot

I’d like to be able to hear people. I’m hard of hearing right now.

Alan Ritch
Santa Cruz
Cate Decossy's Headshot

Seeing as my family lives on the East Coast and in Europe, either flight or teleportation.

Cate Decossy
Santa Cruz
Administrative Assistant
Julie Martin's Headshot

I’d want to be a carpenter, because it would be awesome to be able to wake up and build your own house any way you wanted to.

Julie Martin
Santa Cruz
Veronica Davis's Headshot

Being more self-confident.

Veronica Davis
Scotts Valley
Dominique Herskind's Headshot

The ability to rock climb without ropes or any protection.

Dominique Herskind
Santa Cruz
Summer Camp Site Supervisor
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