Local Talk

What are you a total sucker for?

lt kyleA cold beer after a long bike ride, gossip, and fighting over politics.

Kyle McKinley
Santa Cruz | Lecturer

lt megan

Waffles for dinner, drizzled in maple syrup. At least twice a week if not four times.

Megan Vanderbeck
Watsonville | Marketeer

lt jeremyI’m a total sucker for an in-season, fresh, perfectly ripened avocado that’s unadulterated. I used to eat five a day, now probably five to 10 a week.

Jeremy Lampel
Santa Cruz | Business Owner

lt ellenI’m a total sucker for dancing to Jerry Garcia, with my Grateful Dead Tribe. And swimming in beautiful cold nature ponds and lakes and such in hot places like Indians in Big Sur where they have some beautiful swimming holes where you can jump off the rocks.

Ellen Kane
Santa Cruz | Freelance Educator

lt leonieI’m a total sucker for the east side of the Sierra Nevada, I’ve literally gone on dates with people just ‘cuz they mentioned the east side of the Sierra, and I was like “awww! Thats something to talk about all night!” Total sucker for the Sierra.

Leonie Sherman
Santa Cruz | Self Defense Instructor

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