Local Talk

What are you grateful for?

Local Talk for the week of November 22, 2017.

Nancy Rumrill's Headshot

For my family, and any love and nice thoughts other people give us.

Nancy Rumrill
Environmental Engineer
Tim Larry's Headshot

For all of the good people in the world. America’s already great.

Tim Larry
Artistic Craftsperson
Mike Davidson's Headshot

That my head is better than it was seven years ago. I had a traumatic brain injury.

Mike Davidson
Santa Cruz
Renaissance Man
Ross Albert's Headshot

For my lovely fiancé. She puts up with me and she’s the sweetest woman in the world.

Ross Albert
Santa Cruz
Water Operator
Ellen Newberry's Headshot

That the Giants get another year to prove themselves.

Ellen Newberry
Santa Cruz
UCSC Teacher
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