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What are your thoughts on UCSC growth?

lt jamieI think it’s a bad idea unless they make everyone just bring a bicycle to get around.

Jamie Langley
Santa Cruz | Outdoor Educator

lt michaelOverall I’m against it. More people, everything gets more crowded, and then if they had to develop more and move into the forest, and take that down, that would be a bummer for me because I love those woods. I think it’s a good size town right now.

Michael Lane
Santa Cruz | Outdoor Educator

lt jacobI’m just totally outraged because they want to build buildings in upper campus, and get rid of beautiful trees that Mother Nature planted there. And that’s just not cool, man.

Jacob Grabb
Santa Cruz | UCSC Student

lt mattI really don’t care. Let it get bigger. Kids need to learn.

Matt Perez
Santa Cruz | Chef

lt ronI’m all about growth. Keep growing those trees. If they’re planning on parceling out any of the land, I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Ron Norman Crow
Santa Cruz | Musician

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Matthew is a California native and has lived in Santa Cruz for 34 years. A sculptor, photographer, avid biker and professional disc golfer, he has played tournaments in more than ten states and is the winner of the 2002 New Zealand Championships. 

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