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What artist or artists participating in the encore weekend of Open Studios should not be missed?

lt joseppeSarah Bianco, because the lightness of her being exudes from her paintings.
Joseppe Percuccio
Santa Cruz | Teacher








lt rabeccaI think the Blitzer Gallery has a good array of artists in the Wrigley building. And Robert Larson in the Tannery is a must-see.
Rebecca Godson
Santa Cruz | Artist






lt lizaAndrea Borsick is a painter and multi-media artist, and she is up off of Highland on Sheldon Avenue.
Liza Scully
Santa Cruz | Landscape Designer





lt kimberErika Perloff. She’s on Centennial and she does pastel, water color, and some acrylic, I believe. Phenomenal plein-air-style landscapes.
Kimber Spooner
Santa Cruz | Coffee Girl





lt brandy5221 Coast Road. Bridget Henry, Nora Doherty, Beth Sherman, Jared Roth. It

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