Local Talk

What do you do to support those around you?

lt-sinjinI am open to all kinds of people, and am willing to take in ideas.

Sinjin Davis, Santa Cruz, Open Spirit






lt-deirdreI work with low-income students in Watsonville public schools. I’m an art teacher and every day I work hard to bring up their self-esteem.

Deirdre Barrett, Santa Cruz, Teacher






lt-charlieListen to others and be mindful.

Charlie Becker, Santa Cruz, Sales






lt-gusSometimes when someone is feeling down, they just need someone to talk to. And it’s my responsibility as a friend or family member to listen.

Gus Cebellos, Santa Cruz, Nonprofit Director






lt-katieInstead of telling them what they’re doing wrong, I tell them what they’re doing right.

Katie Sieckman, Santa Cruz, Restaurant Manager

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