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What do you know about Monsanto?

lt blytheI don’t know as much as I would like to know about Monsanto. But what I do know is that they have an agenda to control the seed supply of the whole world and they seem to want to make sure that everyone eats their seeds. Even though 50 countries have gotten rid of GMO food we are still  not even able to know what’s in our food. At the very least I know that they are trying to keep us from knowing what is in our food, because they have a big stake in it.
Blythe Stratton
Santa Cruz | Self Employed


lt ron
I just think they’re one of those companies making that bad food and that they’re putting stuff in our food that we don’t need. They’re sure not organic.
Ron Edeal
Mount Herman | Marriage and Family Therapist



lt brian

Knowledge should be free. Patenting genetics is absurd. Terminator seeds and patented life forms come to mind. Global control over the world’s food supply. How evil is that? On the other hand, they did sponsor that cool Disneyland ride in the 1960s called Adventure Thru Inner Space.
Brian Pridham
Santa Cruz | Software

lt gregory

I have very strong feelings. I know about the company, I know what they do, I’ve read about them a lot, and I do feel that the owner is, I would not say this about many people, evil. His concept about life, from my point of view, is awful. And it’s not just about control, it’s control toward control of death. And I deeply do not like his company. We don’t have control over corporations. So therefore we can’t control them. But I deeply feel of all companies, they must be the worst of all.
Gregory MacNicol
Santa Cruz | Animator


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