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What do you think of Bernie Sanders?

local-talk---tonyHe’s what we need, more hardcore Democrats. Old-school, ’70s-style Democrats.

Tony Dolan, Santa Cruz, Freelancer








local-talk---carrahI think people are kind of blinded by this love of Hillary Clinton and don’t want to consider him. He’s definitely one to look into.

Carrah Mahan, Santa Cruz, Retail

local-talk---blaineI love him. He’s the only one that’s got the guts to stand up and speak to his particular constituency.

Blaine Hammond, Boulder Creek, Priest








local-talk---danielHe gives a lot of people hope for political change and a different direction. Whether he’s a viable candidate, I’m not sure.

Daniel Silverstein, Oakland, Teacher








local-talk---susanObviously I like him, but he doesn’t have a chance, so I’m going to work for the Clinton campaign.

Susan Sherman, Watsonville, Writer

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