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What do you think our community could do to promote renewable energy solutions?

lt kirbyMy knee-jerk response would be a lot more solar. I know some people here who have really pushed the envelope on solar, and I’m just amazed that in a climate like this it hasn’t been adopted more.
Kirby Scudder
Santa Cruz | Writer/Gallery Director


lt sheela


As a biker, I think it would be great to maybe have more bike lanes or better paved bike lanes to get more people biking to work instead of using their cars.
Sheela Johnson
Santa Cruz | Graduate Student


lt kristy

Homeowners could invest in more solar in their own homes, and then tell their neighbors.
Kristy Saint George
Santa Cruz | Coordinator


lt jeffrey

I think there needs to be a venue where people can be educated about what is possible. People are a little ignorant. They don’t know the answer to that question because they don’t know what could be in place, whether it was geothermal or wind. Then they could advocate on the community, state and national level. What’s important is informing and educating people to have a consensus so they know what the alternatives are.
Jeffrey Pagen
Santa Cruz | Artist


lt josh
I think we should promote alternative energy in our community. But, I think we should recognize it comes at a cost, and that we should also embrace conservation energy in addition.
Josh Adams
Santa Cruz | Biologist

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