What does intimacy mean to you?

Local Talk for the week of April 25, 2018.

Sydney Zentall's Headshot

Moving beyond a fear of failure.

Sydney Zentall
Santa Cruz
Retired Professor/Artist
John Smith's Headshot

Trust is a foundation for relationships, period. You can have love, but if you don’t have trust you don’t have anything.

John Smith
Santa Cruz
Rena Dubin's Headshot

I appreciate someone who can share and love and be honest, and I also love humor.

Rena Dubin
Santa Cruz
Homeschool Teacher/Mom
Annie Boheler's Headshot

Communication and self-love.

Annie Boheler
Santa Cruz
Horse Trainer
Michelle Abodeely's Headshot

Vulnerability, honesty, laughter, humor, lightness of heart. Unafraid to expose yourself.

Michelle Abodeely
Santa Cruz
Mental Health Therapist
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