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What is erotic?

lt periErotic is coming home after work and having your loved one give you a glass of wine and ask you how your day is, and actually listen. And foot rubs with lavender oil.

Peri Searson, Santa Cruz, Dental Hygienist







lt ethoniaWhen two people have the same or compatible kinks.

Ethonia Cappelli, Santa Cruz, Network Engineer







lt michaelA degree of tension … it’s almost like being pulled and pushed at the same time, and you can’t take possession of it.

Michael Olson, Santa Cruz, Library Technology







lt wayneA pleasant seductive surprise, which could be anything from a sunset to your girlfriend in sexy lingerie.

Wayne Marci, Santa Cruz, Graduate Student







lt jillThat hot Valentine’s show at the 418 Project.

Jill Miller, Sant Cruz, Retired

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