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What’s a creative new approach to addressing summer beach litter?

lt joaquinRobotic dogs, with duct tape on their paws, that walk around picking up litter wherever they go.

Joaquin Heinz, Santa Cruz, Barista








lt vilashiniEducating Santa Cruz children about ocean debris and environmental concerns. Get summer programs for kids to learn more about marine biology, and pick up some of the debris and turn it into something that’s a project for them. Hopefully ongoing.

Vilashini Cooppan, Santa Cruz, Literature Teacher






lt aprilCommunity support. There are people that owe the community this or that. Make them work it off by cleaning our beaches and keeping our sanctuary clean.

April Bachtel, Santa cruz, Personal Assistant







lt kenyaSolar powered crawling robots with vacuums for arms.

Kenya Torres, Santa Cruz, Nanny

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