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What’s Your Best Ground Score?

Preston Dillon's Headshot

I was working in the bar and someone left their sunglasses at a table, so I ran to find them, but they were gone. $275 Prada sunglasses.

Preston Dillon
Santa Cruz
Austin Carlson's Headshot

Great Woods Massachusetts, at a Phish show. A quartz crystal bigger than my hand, in a port-a-potty.

Austin Carlson
Santa Cruz
Pest Control Manager
Sebastian Manjon Cubero's Headshot

A megalodon tooth in the sand hills by Scotts Valley.

Sebastian Manjon Cubero
Santa Cruz
Founder/Owner of Vida Juice
Emily Blakeselee's Headshot

One time while running through Henry Cowell, I came across a half an ounce of weed, and I stopped my run and I smoked it.

Emily Blakeselee
Santa Cruz
Kat Downs's Headshot

When I was a kid my friend lived next to an abandoned farm, and we were digging around and I found a tiny antique tin salt shaker buried in the ground, and I still have it.

Kat Downs
Santa Cruz
Full-Time Musician
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