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What’s your favorite band that nobody’s heard of?

Local Talk for the week of November 1, 2017

Elijah Cooper's Headshot

Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad. I grew up watching them in upstate New York.

Elijah Cooper
Santa Cruz
Recreation Therapist
David Pierce's Headshot

Big Lazy. They’re an instrumental guitar trio from New York. Kind of spaghetti-surf, a really great sound.

David Pierce
Bon Vivant
Caylie Soon's Headshot

Ibibo Sound Machine. I saw them live, and they are funky, innovative and great to dance to.

Caylie Soon
Santa Cruz
Jessica Strahm's Headshot

Goober and the Peas. They are a cowboy punk rock band and they’re awesome.

Jessica Strahm
Happy Valley
Happiest Person On Earth
Jenna O’Connell's Headshot

Human Furniture Company. They’re from Santa Cruz and they play hard hitting rock ’n’ roll. If you ever have a sanding project, they are the best band to listen to.

Jenna O’Connell
Santa Cruz
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