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What’s your favorite winter holiday food?

Local Talk for the week of December 13, 2017

Sally Whitman's Headshot

I would have said my chocolate-ginger cookies, but I just made a big fattoush—a Middle Eastern salad—and it eclipsed my cookies.

Sally Whitman
Santa Cruz
Phoenix DeLeon's Headshot

Roasted turkey, because I like brining and roasting a turkey myself, and I love serving lots of people dinner.

Phoenix DeLeon
Santa Cruz
Magdelena Munoz's Headshot

My favorite holiday winter food [tradition] is tamales. My whole family has been doing it since before I was born.

Magdelena Munoz
Santa Cruz
Hillary Redding's Headshot

Crab. Especially now, because it’s in season and you only get it for a limited time.

Hillary Redding
Santa Cruz
Brooke Baich's Headshot

Eggnog, because it’s delicious and it gets you drunk when you’re with your family for the holidays.

Brooke Baich
Santa Cruz
Assistant Manager
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