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What’s your Santa Cruz crime story?

Local Talk for the week of May 3, 2017

Lauren Desylva's Headshot

I had a bike stolen right out of my garage.

Lauren Desylva
Colt Hayhurst's Headshot

I was jumped on Halloween as I walked with a beautiful woman dressed as Jesus. Three men rolled out of a car and attacked me, then jumped back in the car within two minutes.

Colt Hayhurst
Santa Cruz
Music Teacher
Anyah Ray's Headshot

I worked for a store called Jabberwock seven years ago, and someone broke in and stole all the bongs and pipes overnight.

Anyah Ray
Santa Cruz
Evan Sandler's Headshot

My car getting stolen. We found it 5 days later parked in a different place, and it was all screwed up.

Evan Sandler
Former Santa Cruz resident
Gene Manako's Headshot

I caught a rubber-surgical-glove-wearing burglar breaking into my house in the middle of the night. He claimed to the police that he was sleepwalking. They didn’t buy it.

Gene Manako
Santa Cruz
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