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What’s the strangest place you’ve been stranded?

Local Talk for the week of January 17, 2018.

Luke DeBrito's Headshot

In Crescent City on a Greyhound bus. Found a cool play structure in the shape of a ship to play on for a few hours.

Luke DeBrito
Student of Life
Emily Bolton's Headshot

My car broke down outside of Santa Fe and there was only one business open, a saloon. Stranded for six hours, I met some kind people and was invited to stay at an artist’s studio, but he was quite creepy.

Emily Bolton
Santa Cruz
Don Hartley's Headshot

Magdalena Bay, Baja California. Stuck in a dry lake bed and rescued by some Baja fisherman.

Don Hartley
Santa Cruz
Daniel Wootan's Headshot

In Calexico, there was a bus mix-up and I was on my way to Arizona and I was 100 feet from the border stop checkpoint. I slept in a six-foot by six-foot cardboard box outside a loading dock.

Daniel Wootan
Santa Cruz
Room Service/Writer
Jim Grey's Headshot

Grants Pass in Oregon. My engine blew up so I hitchhiked to the nearest town and rebuilt the engine on the side of the road.

Jim Grey
Santa Cruz
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