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What’s the best meal you’ve had in the county lately? Why?

lt paulineThe chicken at Gabriella Cafe. They have this amazing roasted chicken with apricots and currents and capers that is just incredible.
Pauline Fujita
Santa Cruz | Biologist

lt alex

The best meal I’ve had in the county was at Crow’s Nest. I had salmon and it was awesome. It was so good it was breathtaking.
Alex Condelli
Santa Cruz | Tech Support

lt cara

The Surfrider Cafe’s blackened salmon brochette salad with blue cheese and balsalmic. It’s the perfect combination of tangy sweet and savory. It’s the hands- down best salad I’ve ever had.
Cara Vandagriff
Santa Cruz | Waitress

lt sharon

In my kitchen, because I know where to get all my fruits and vegetables at the farmers’ market and in my backyard.
Sharon Mullowney
Santa Cruz | Teacher

lt al

The best meal I’ve had recently has been at Aptos Street Barbeque in Aptos. I tried a full rack of their ribs, potato salad, and beans the other night, and I’m from the deep south, from New Orleans, Louisiana, and I just loved their barbecue. They did it right. Victor on the barbecue grill is doing it right.
Al Frisby
Santa Cruz | Professional Musician


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