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What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done to celebrate the holidays?

lt haniI went up to a Santa and asked what he wanted for Christmas, and it turned out that he was a hired homeless man. It was really crazy, but really rewarding in the end.

Hani Esengio, Santa Cruz, Waitress








lt devonneI did a scavenger hunt for my fully grown-up sisters, and they acted like children. It was adorable.

Devonne Johnson, Santa Cruz, Coach







lt theresaWe just took off and went to Argentina for 12 days a few years ago.

Theresa Migler, Santa Cruz, Teacher







lt steveOne of several New Year’s Eve shows of the Grateful Dead at the Oakland Coliseum. Every one of them was different.

Steve Greenburg, Santa Cruz, Attorney







lt christopherMade two chickens for Thanksgiving. I stuffed those. And I’m going to Miami for a Phish concert on New Year’s.

Christopher Engelman, Santa Cruz, Traveler

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