Thomas Bischoff's Headshot

Spending time with my family on days like this.

Thomas Bischoff
Santa Cruz
Michelle Wilczynski's Headshot

Aside from climbing Mount Whitney, which is over 14,000 feet, the highest I’ve been was witnessing my first mother give birth to her baby.

Michelle Wilczynski
Santa Cruz
Registered Nurse
Jeff Aldrich's Headshot

I had a toothache, went to the dentist, put a Sony Walkman on my head and he gave me nitrous oxide. I was having a ball.

Jeff Aldrich
Santa Cruz
Research Entomologist/Consultant
Dan Alexander's Headshot

The highest I’ve ever been was at the top of the Giant Dipper on April 20th.

Dan Alexander
Santa Cruz
Construction Superintendent
Torreyanna Marie's Headshot

Literally in a stargate above our planet going at the speed of light during a third eye meditation.

Torreyanna Marie
Santa Cruz
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