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What’s the most outrageous situation you ever saw at a restaurant?

lt damaniWhen a drunk customer ripped the urinal off the wall, then started a fight with the bartender in the cafe downstairs. It was an off-the-wall situation, for sure.
Damani Thomas, Santa Cruz, Chef/Owner







lt isabellThe arc of deliciousness versus overcrowdedness. Starts delicious and amazing, gets overcrowded.
Isabell Fearnsby, Santa Cruz, Artist/Professor







lt nicoleWe’re at Oswald with a friend’s conservative parents, and midway through dinner there is a naked motorcycle ride going down the street, and pretty much half the restaurant gets out of their seats.
Nicole Bremma, Santa Cruz, Stay-at-Home Gardener






lt lucianaAn elderly woman choked on a piece of chicken, and another woman got up from another table and administered the Heimlich maneuver.
Luciana Silverman, Santa Cruz, Waitress/ Manager







lt christopherI once observed a chef jamming a knife into a table of twelve people, exclaiming that if anyone complained, he’d cut their balls off.
Christopher Deloche, Santa Cruz, Bartender

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