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What’s the most underrated movie?

lt juneDogville. The best movie that everyone else hates.
June Rose, Santa Cruz, Sock Flinger









lt brisiaThe Lone Ranger. The jokes were good, but it was very subtle. It was not very well received, I don’t know why.
Brisia Alcaraz, Santa Cruz, Full-Time Mom






lt jesseKids, from 1995. Larry Clark [directed]. Harmony Korine wrote it. It has the original Supreme team, which was just a bunch of random skater kids, and they got them to act through the whole movie.
Jesse Reger, Felton, Retail







lt marlinThe Holy Mountain by Alejandro Jodorowsky. Probably one of the most visual and thematically far-out, mind-bogglingly surreal, allegorical vision quest of film that’s ever been made.
Marlyn T.  Ziward, Pescadero, Translator






lt halleyThe SpongeBob Movie, because it really expanded the TV show, and I don’t really think that enough people saw it to really understand the meaning of it.
Halley Rhouault, Santa Cruz, Student

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