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What’s the nicest thing you’ve done for someone this week?

lt thomasI helped my friend update and replace his plumbing in a low-ceiling, nasty old basement.
Thomas Radetzk
Germany  |  Beekeeper






lt jenThe nicest thing I did for someone, I did for a duck. It might seem like a little thing, but to the duck it meant everything … I saved its life!
Jen Smith
Santa Cruz  |  Duck Saver






lt beckiI weeded my friend’s garden for her because she hasn’t been able to get to it and it’s been very depressing to her that it’s so dry.
Becky Ambrose
Davis  |  Professor of Education






lt macI made a friend of mine a piece of jewelry. It was handmade out of sterling silver and a piece of amethyst.
Mac McComb
Santa Cruz  |  Student/Drum Maker






lt jenniferI typed up my friend’s local newspaper column so he could get ready for Burning Man!
Jennifer Radakovich
Santa Cruz  |  Fun Maker

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