What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Local Talk for the week of December 20, 2017

Rob Fisher's Headshot

Calf fries. When branding the calves they also castrate them. The smell is something I’ll never forget. They’re also called Rocky Mountain Oysters.

Rob Fisher
Episcopal Priest
Carmel Valley
Bridget Puchalsky's Headshot

Human placenta. I did it because I encapsulated my sister’s for her, and I just figured why not try it as well. It was pretty intense.

Bridget Puchalsky
Santa Cruz
Asia Stautz's Headshot

I had snail in Indonesia. It was kind of squishy and weird, but it tasted pretty good overall.

Asia Stautz
Santa Cruz
Sabi Cruz's Headshot

Bull testicles with a gorgonzola cream sauce at Gabriella Cafe. It tasted kind of like beef tongue.

Sabi Cruz
Santa Cruz
Brad Briske's Headshot

The one that I enjoyed the most was fried calves’ brains at a little stand in Florence.

Brad Briske
Santa Cruz
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