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What’s your secret to avoiding the summer swarms?

lt andrewProbably, for me, I would go mountain biking back in Soquel Demonstration Forest or Wilder [Ranch] to get away from the crowds.
Andrew Westerman
Live Oak | Electrician

lt david
Stay indoors on the weekend, but if I were traveling, I would get away from Santa Cruz at a time and hour when traffic isn’t bad. We go to David Wally’s hot springs, and our other favorite place is Calistoga, in the wintertime.
David Landino
Santa Cruz | Water Well Contractor


lt haley

I ty to ride my bicycle as often as possible, to avoid all the traffic. And I like to get out of town, I go up to Downieville because it’s my favorite place to escape to in the summer, where I can go swim in the Yuba River.
Haley Cutter
Santa Cruz | EMT/Waitress



lt colleen

Avoid going Downtown on the weekends. I walk rather than drive, and go early in the morning to run my errands.
Colleen Quigley
Santa Cruz | Retired



lt rob

Go to the beach early, and leave early. We can bike to the beach so we go down to the beach, say, 10 o’clock and be gone by one.
Rob Wylend
Santa Cruz | Ocean Engineer

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