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What will change in Santa Cruz when marijuana is legal?

Local Talk for the week of December 14, 2016

Gavin Sonne's Headshot

I don’t think much will change, because pot is basically legal in Santa Cruz already. But I think dispensaries will make more money.

Gavin Sonne
Santa Cruz
UCSC Student
Tyler Harvell's Headshot

It’s going to bring money from taxes instead of the black market. It will bring money for education and research and basically move the culture forward.

Tyler Harvell
Santa Cruz
Lisa Huala's Headshot

It will be easier for new smokers who don’t have their network already figured out to get it.

Lisa Huala
Santa Cruz
Database Developer
Ellen Terry's Headshot

Local growers will be screwed, but there will be more money for schools.

Ellen Terry
Santa Cruz
Ryan Matus's Headshot

Maybe more ticket fines for outdoor smoking.

Ryan Matus
Santa Cruz
Record Sales
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