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What are your thoughts on New Year’s resolutions? Do you make them?

lt steveAny resolution is a good resolution, it doesn’t have to be on New Year’s. You want to change yourself or your life, go ahead. I don’t make them.

Steven Fannell
Santa Cruz | Carpenter Specialist





lt lisaNew Year’s resolutions are for losers. You should be making them every day.

Lisa Machado
Santa Cruz | Swap Meet Vendor

lt courtneyI feel like people make resolutions to feel better about themselves, but they never really follow through with them. I don’t ever set New Year’s resolutions.

Courtney Crakow
Santa Cruz | Psychology Student

lt walterNew Year’s resolutions are good to make, but hard to keep. Every year, I try to do some, and if I can do half of what I think, I’m happy. My resolution is to be a better person.

Walter Lorente
Gonzales | Retired

lt aliceI think it’s a really great way to start the year with a positive affirmation. I always set goals. It’s nice to get to the end of a year and see what you’ve achieved.

Alice Fitzgerald
Santa Cruz | Traveler

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