What do you think of Burning Man?

Local Talk for the week of August 31, 2016

Adrian Kyle's Headshot

It’s a living, breathing mandala of art, fun, hedonism, creativity and evolution of culture.

Adrian Kyle
Santa Cruz
Massage Therapist
Alanna Stock's Headshot

It’s a really great spot for radical self-expression.

Alanna Stock
Santa Cruz
Melissa Smileworthy's Headshot

I don’t need Burning Man, because I will rebel anywhere at any time.

Melissa Smileworthy
Boulder Creek
Laughter Therapist
Rhiannon Henry's Headshot

I think it’s a fun getaway. [But] I think it’s too loud, and the “leave no trace” doesn’t actually happen.

Rhiannon Henry
Santa Cruz
Business Owner
Sparkle Stallion's Headshot

Burning Man is dead, but we can still party on his charred remains.

Sparkle Stallion
Scotts Valley
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