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Wellness-1532-AstrologerLocal astrologer Laurie Twilight blends psychology with astrology to help clients heal and thrive

Santa Cruz’s Laurie “Twilight” Jetter believes she’s been an astrologer five or six times already, because she took to it like a fish in water. “My whole life has been about astrology. This is my calling,” Jetter says, a touch of her native upstate New York in her accent. It may sound crazy to anyone who doesn’t believe in past lives, or astrology, for that matter, but what began as a fourth-grade fascination with her classmates’ different personalities and their correlating birthdates blossomed into a thriving, almost-40-year-old career.

“The houses show where planets are expressed. It’s almost like they have to live in that house, they’re learning how to be in that place,” Jetter explains of the birth chart—the slice of sky at the moment of birth. To be born with Uranus, the only planet that spins on its side, in your mind house, for instance, often indicates out-of-the-box thinking and sometimes genius. And statistical analysis by Michel Gauquelin has found that sports champions often have Mars rising, known as the “Mars Effect.”

“The rising sign [the zodiac on the eastern horizon at the time of birth] is extremely powerful,” says Jetter. “And there are some theories that say it’s perhaps the sign that we could become in our next life, because we’re learning to embody that, we’re learning to attract people of that and we’re learning to express that.” Add planets to the mix, and a person’s chart becomes full of intricate harmonies and contradicting energies—newspaper sun sign horoscopes barely scratch the surface.

Based on the placement of planets at my time of birth, Jetter pierced the plasma of my ego in the same way you’d want a close friend to tell you what she really thinks, before riding off into the full moon on her motorcycle. Interestingly, many of her clients say they receive more insights in one session than they receive in years of therapy—and local psychologists often refer their clients to her.

With a master’s degree in transpersonal psychology, Jetter specializes in childhood traumas, or “soul imprints,” which she can detect throughout the lifeline—even in utero and before, “or potentially even how someone may have passed away in their last life,” says Jetter, who is writing a book on her methodology. These karmic points often get re-triggered in our adult lives, even if we think we’re done with them. Jetter believes that all wounds and talents come from past lives, and whether we are going to face them and work with them or not.

“We’re always evolving. It’s not like old-school astrology that says you’re always going to be like this, or you’re never going to get married. Any issues can become our strengths,” says Jetter.

Jetter’s readings also alert clients to windows of opportunities. Jupiter traveling through the house of money, for instance, represents a positive aspect for asking for a raise. “I also look at health predilections. Often a Jupiter cycle in the 6th house is when people can work on their health, and they put in one part and they get four parts back, so it’s a really important time to heal,” says Jetter.

One of her clients was going to spend a large amount of money on a new kitchen for her restaurant. “I told her to hold off because she had a death/birth aspect in November. She went ahead and spent it and then had a lawsuit in November for a noise ordinance, went to court and lost, and suddenly everything unraveled and she lost her business,” says Jetter, who has countless stories like this one.

But Jetter is most interested in psychology and healing, though she’s successfully advised clients on such things as the best timing for in vitro fertilization, has advised companies on hiring and has even predicted natural disasters.

“What I do is refer people to what kind of healing they need to do,” she says, often recommending remedies via nutrition, essential oils and Bach Flower Remedies, and referrals to other local healers.

MEMORIES OF ANOTHER LIFE Laurie “Twilight” Jetter with her astrology dice, which represent planets and houses and can be used to answer specific questions. PHOTO: CHIP SCHEUER. For more information on Laurie Twilight and her fall classes, visit insightastrology.org or call 800-765-2738.

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