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Foodie File: My Cupcake Corner

My Cupcake CornerCupcakes come to your house

Let’s take a moment to think about how wonderful cupcakes are. Now let’s think about how much better they are when they are delivered to your house. That’s the appeal of Kelly Daher’s business, My Cupcake Corner, which she’s run since 2010. She delivers across the county, from Scotts Valley to Aptos. You could get on her website and order yourself a bunch of cupcakes, or if you’re like most of Daher’s clients, order them for someone else. (She also does pick up orders.) She has 31 flavors to choose from on her website, as well as something called “pull-aparts.” Daher answers all of our cupcake questions.  

GT: How excited do people get when they get cupcakes delivered to their house?

KELLY DAHER: It’s pretty awesome if it’s a surprise. It’s the best when it’s UCSC students. We have one called the Banana Slug [chocolate-banana]. A lot of parents will order that one for their kids that are going to school at UCSC. It’s fun for me because I always get a positive reaction.

How does it work?

Usually the website requires two days in advance for an order. If you call, sometimes we can do it a day in advance, but it’s a lot better if it’s at least two days. I’m a one-woman show.

What are your most popular flavors?

The SC Strawberry [vanilla-strawberry] is a crowd pleaser. People like chocolate. They tend to order that one because it’s the “safe” cupcake, but it’s not the tastiest. Red Velvet seems to be popular. I don’t feel like it’s my favorite.

OK, what are your favorites?

I like the Cruz-N-Kahlúa. I think that’s the best one. It’s just a chocolate cupcake, and it has Kahlúa frosting and a chocolate Kahlúa filling. I like the peanut butter one, too. Those two are my favorite. And plain vanilla—that one is surprisingly good. People don’t think of it because they think, ‘it’s vanilla, it must be boring.’ It’s fat and sugar. How can you go wrong with that?

What is a pull-apart?  

I take the cupcakes and I put them all together in the shape of whatever somebody might want, whether it be an animal or a truck or train or whatever. There was a local company that wanted the cupcakes in a sandal. Once I did an Old English 40-ounce—it was for somebody’s 21st birthday. Some are Halloween-themed. Someone wanted a divorce cake, where they wanted their ex-husband in a meat-grinder. That was kind of fun.

Do you do custom flavors?

Cookies and cream isn’t on the menu, but if someone wants it, I can do a cookies and cream. Someone wanted tres leches once. That one wasn’t on the menu, but I did it. If it’s something I’m familiar with, I’ll pretty much try it out. If I’ve never heard of it, then maybe I don’t., 831-278-0022.

HOMEBAKED Kelly Daher in her home kitchen with a plate of freshly baked cupcakes. PHOTO: CHIP SCHEUER

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