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Bonny Doon Winery Releases Fizzy Pink Wine in Cans

Randall Grahm makes foray into cans, Staff of Life turns 49, and Route 1 Farm Dinner

Bonny Doon’s exquisite La Bulle-Moose de Cigare Fizzy Pink Wine of the Earth comes in beach- and poolside-friendly cans. PHOTO: KEANA PARKER

In a can!

That’s right. Bonny Doon Vineyard winemaker Randall Grahm has expanded his explosive imagination to include putting pink fizzy wine in a can. The canned Fizzy Pink Wine of the Earth 2017 is now available in the Davenport tasting room, and as tasting room manager Tulsi Schneider explained, the winery will soon be making the four-packs ($32) and flats of 24 cans available to the world at large. As you’d expect, the black can with a pink bull moose on the label (lots of fun fine print helps explain this playful marketing), is quintessential Grahm. Light alcohol, and a deft blend of Rhône grapes—long on Grenache—make this very pretty blush wine a refreshing tipple indeed. We found it to be irresistible. “The perfect summer party wine,” my companion pronounced. We envisioned pool parties where cans of this 2017 vintage of lovely, very light frizzante wine could be packed into iced coolers right next to other beverages in cans. Fresh, with no cloying finish, the new pink-in-a-can offers a bright nose of fraises du bois, minerals and fresh-picked leaves. Very picnic. Very much the thinking woman’s Mateus, the newest BDV offering would be brilliant with ham sandwiches, bbq ribs, even burgers and hot dogs. Think of it. No glass to worry about, hence perfect for around the pool. And for Memorial Day weekend!

“This initiative may well backfire,” Grahm says. “Do I care?  Yes, absolutely, but I’m not too worried. I think that the serious wines of Popelouchum will operate in their own unique universe populated by wine lovers who are less concerned about image and ‘statements,’” he says of his San Juan Bautista estate varietals.

Grahm admits his interest in the new product is motivated by fun and profit. “I truly love pink wine, and have developed a bit of an understanding over the years of the category. Secondarily, I love wine with bubbles,” he says.

We found the bubbles to be fleeting, so one needs to enjoy this wine quickly … or treat it as a pink wine with an opening salvo of bubbles. “As far as cans,” he says, “no deep ideological commitment there, but after deep reflection, it did appear that for this product, cans made a lot more sense than bottles.”

Grahm promises future canned pink fizzies made from new varieties including Cinsault, Grenache Gris, and a rare French Provençal grape called Tibouren that he’s planted especially for his pink wines. Wanting to reach out to a millennial clientele, Grahm feels that cans will be a friendlier delivery system for his winemaking vision. The proof is in the can.


Happy 49th Birthday Staff of Life

Doing it the natural way for almost half a century, the forward-thinking folks of Staff of Life invite the entire community to come on down to a free celebration on Sunday, May 20 from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m.. “Our anniversary party is one way we show our appreciation to the community for supporting our local business since 1969,” said Richard Josephson, co-owner of the pioneer natural foods emporium. On this special day, plan on enjoying live music and dancing to Harry and the Hitmen, raffle prizes, free samples, wine and beer tasting, cosmetic makeovers and—because this is Santa Cruz—face painting for kids of all ages. Trust me, you’ll have a lot of fun. Staff of Life, 1266 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz.


Route One Al Fresco

Quick like a bunny! Grab some of the remaining tickets to the Route 1 Rancho del Oso Summer Farm Dinner on Aug. 12. Al fresco foods by the queen of condiments, Tabitha Stroup (Friend in Cheeses Jam Co.) and wines from Ser winemaker Nicole Walsh. This will be amazing! $95

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