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Country Family Buffet

dining molliesI was recently encouraged to try the all-you-can eat weekend brunch buffet at Mollie’s Country Kitchen in Scotts Valley. It’s a farmhouse-style feast, and with the recent spate of beautiful mornings, the outdoor seating is a refreshing sojourn.

Reasonably priced at $11.50 for those 12 and over, and just $5.95 for children over the age of 2, the range of options aims to please everybody.

You can start with a choice of cold cereals, or help yourself to the cauldron of hot oatmeal, embellishing its whole grain goodness with brown sugar, raisins, pecans, or walnuts. Choose from an array of fresh and canned fruits to dress up creamy yogurt, and try any or all of the colorful juices.

Having been craving donuts, I went a little overboard when faced with a platter of them, choosing a large and scrumptious maple bar. After all, there were so many tasty and energy-filled carbs still to come. For home fries, instead of the regular red-skinned potato and onion version, I plated the ones that were loaded with cheddar cheese. Pancakes and French toast awaited a dousing of syrup, and I can’t resist a homemade biscuit, although they are better served fresh rather than from the warmer.

The selection of meats included curly, crisp bacon, sausage, ham and BBQ beef ribs. While plain scrambled eggs are available, I went for a delectable medley of mushrooms, zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes and cheddar.

The regular breakfast menu is also available, including unique Huevos Rancheros ($9.75). On top of a platter of home fries was a warmed flour tortilla topped with melted cheddar, pinto beans and meaty ranchera sauce. It was served with roasted serrano and jalapeño chilies and extra warm tortillas with butter. | KP


Mollie’s Country Café, 219 Mount Hermon Road, Scotts Valley, 438-8313. Beer and Wine. Buffet brunch: 8 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturdays and 8 a.m.-2 p.m. Sundays. Visit molliescafe.com.

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