Quantum Fashion

In the Eye of the Storm… our bravest archetypes “dress it up”

The Daredevils
The Burners
The Animal Activist
The Goddess
The Lovers
The Cyclist
The Cool Chick
The Non-Conformist
The Techie
The Performer
The Hunk

Words and concept by Greg Archer. Photo shoot design by Stripe Design Group.
Photos by Keana Parker


cover tornado

The Daredevils

*Dedicated to Shannon Collins
Starring Marissa Sheerer, Emily Hall, Nick Llewellyn, Adrian Valentine and Jonathan Strasser

It’s 2012, Armageddon is overrated. Quantum Fashion is in. Why? Because we live in a day and age when true fashion can be found on all levels—inside and out; invisible and visible. It’s how you hold (and mold) yourself; how you go about your life. Your clothes simply mirror you. It’s in there—the fuel that makes you run that really counts. Here, our Fashion Daredevils lead the way. No longer willing to let their hair go unwashed or to wear jeans from the ’90s—yes, that’s a hint—our fearless fashion hounds illuminate the look and feel of a new (fashion) world order. Bold, fun and adventurous, these sexy beasts unleash their wild side and morph into savage provocateurs of Good Taste 2.0. No button is left unbuttoned. (Or is that no button is left buttoned?) Whatever the case, here, the lovely Marissa (above), Emily (right) and Adrian (below in leggings) and the testosterone-drenched Nick (above) use the finest—and, at times, most frivolous—attire from Camouflage, Wallflower, Stripe and Stripe Men to begin our rigorous path down fashion roads filled with archetypes that have become dear to our hearts. All revved up with places to go—let the journey begin …


cover dare2

The Clothes:

107 Walnut Ave., Santa Cruz, 421-9252; Stripe Men, 117 Walnut Ave., Santa Cruz, 431-6182,

Camouflage, 1329 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz, 423-7613,

Wallflower Boutique, 103 Locust St., Santa Cruz, 426-3526,

Adrian (left from Camouflage)
Bikini Top by Je T’aime ($28)
Fishnet Top by Zanana ($10)
Sparkle Dasey Dukes by Je T’aime ($29) Blue Diva Wig ($65)
Horns by Baby Love Cat ($20), Fishnet Stockings by Leg Avenue ($8), Princess Heels by Pleaser ($39)
Wrist Gloves by Leg Avenue ($8)

Marissa (on the cover; wearing Wallflower):
Bella Dahl denim button-down blouse ($128), Kill City black wax-coated skinny jean ($162)

Nick (wearing Stripe Men):
& Work Hat ($38)
Vintage Leather Jacket ($128), Taylor Stitch Jeans ($128), Stripe T-shirt ($30)

Emily (wearing Stripe):
Covet Silk Dress ($148), Ax+Apple Earrings ($156), Vintage Bangles ($24)
Shoes: Model’s own

Jonathan Strasser (in slideshow wearing Stripe Men):
Tellason Jeans ($198)
Work Suspenders ($24)

Motorcycles: 1975 Ducati Mark 3 (dark blue), 1954 Triumph Tiger (light blue)

The Burners
*Dedicated to Shannon Collins
Starring Adrian Valentine and Richard Colunga

Northern Californians—so adventuresome and wonderfully frisky—love to indulge in dress-up. After all, Burning Man is on the horizon (Aug. 27- Sept. 3). But don’t forget Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco (Sept. 23) or Santa Cruz’s ever-enthusiastic Halloween romp in October. But it’s not as if we need a special event to indulge. And any time we feel the urge, Santa Cruz’s iconic Camouflage is the perfect pitstop for attire that will, well, unleash the playful beast within.

The Clothes:
Camouflage, 329 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz, 423-7613,

Steampunk Corset by Eurotique ($269), Black “x” pasties by Nippies ($12), Rainbow Ruffle Butts by Sams ($18)
cover burner1Coyote Hood by Spirithood ($150)
Hair Flowers by VK Designs ($16)
Sex Stockings by Lip Service ($10)
Eyelashes by Glamour Eyes ($4)
Rainbow Wig by West Bay ($22)
Exotica Boots by Pleaser ($55)

Satin Underbust Buckle Cincher
by Eurotique ($179)
White & Silver Petticoat
by Roma ($20)
Rhinestone Tie by Western Fashion ($36)
Silver “x” pasties by Nippies ($18)
Skunk Hood by Spirithood ($150)
Fence-net Stockings by Leg Avenue ($12)

Silver Bug Sunglasses by Flashback and Freedom ($10)
The Animal Activist
Starring Kim Luke

Well, if you think being a lover of animals and committing your life to being an advocate for their preservation is easy … think again. For every Black Rhino, Green-cheeked parrot, Mako Shark, Giant Panda, Hawksbill Turtle, Hawaiian Monk Seal, cover animal1Alligator Snapping Turtle and Tiger that hits the endangered species list—yes, tigers are now endangered (click onto the World Wildlife Foundation for more information)—there seems to be another lovely group of animal souls fading away. Bottom line: This is serious business. So, what’s a girl (or guy) to do? Strike a pose. When all else fails, socialize among the political beasts who can further your cause. In between all that level-of-awareness raising and fighting for truth, justice and the animal way, slip into some levity, toss back a laugh and cleverly plot your way to the top of a new paradigm. (The animal kingdom will thank you.) Here, our gal about town shows us how it’s done.

The Clothes:

Cognito, 821 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz, 426-5414,

Leopard print dress ($130)
Vintage costume jewelry/earrings ($12)
The Goddess
Starring Emily Hall and Marissa Sheerer

god·dess/ˈgädis/ Noun.
1.A female deity
2. A woman who is adored …especially for her beauty.

In the span of a lifetime, we inevitably come across these lovely creatures. They are the unforgettable women whose inner glow radiates out into the world, somehow making all of those around them feel more at ease. They emit both a sense of peace and nurturing. They are loving. They are grounded. Heavenly yet earthy—the cover goddess1gal you know who can slip so comfortably into a silk dress (Emily) or the lady who might surprise at a more formal affair (Marissa). They are, quite simply, the Goddess.

The Clothes:

Stripe, 107 Walnut Ave., Santa Cruz, 421-9252; Stripe Men, 117 Walnut Ave., Santa Cruz, 431-6182,

Wallflower, 103 Locust St., Santa Cruz, 426-3526,

Emily (back; wearing Stripe):
Covet Silk Dress ($148)
Ax+Apple Earrings ($156)
Vintage Bangles ($24)

Marissa (front; wearing Wallflower):
Mustard yellow dress by Ladakh ($128)

The Lovers
Starring (pictured) Nick Llewellyn, Emily Hall and Marissa Sheerer (slideshow)

cover lovers1It’s 2012—spread the love. Here, an intriguing troika of heart-led souls truly embrace the art of variety—and play. Nick and Emily (right) flirt, but things get heated elsewhere (in the slideshow).

The Clothes:
Stripe and Stripe Men
107 Walnut Ave., Santa Cruz, 421-9252; 117 Walnut Ave., Santa Cruz, 431-6182

Mr. California Pjs ($200)

Vintage blouse ($48)
Level 99 Trouser Shorts ($92)
Maguba Clogs ($148)
Eberjey Chemise ($80) (slideshow)

Emily: Taylor Stitch Chambray Shirt ($132)
Nick: Saint James Striped Long Sleeve ($72); Penny Stock Trousers ($88): Soludos Espadrilles ($34);
Straw Fedora ($24)
Marissa: M. Rena Tube Dress ($34); Vintage Maxi Skirt ($68)
cover cyclist1The Cyclist
Starring  James Livingston III

You might not realize it, but the local cycling scene has a fashion sense all its own. Here, James, a popular, local cycling instructor (from The Bike Dojo in Downtown Santa Cruz; sports several looks for on and off the road.

The Clothes, Bikes, Shoes and Gear:
Spokesman Bicycles, 231 Cathcart St., Santa Cruz, 429-6062,

(Pictured) Specialized Brand factory team bib shorts ($110)
Specialized Jersey ($90)
Specialized S-Works Carbon road shoe ($360)
Specialized Prevail helmet ($230)
Specialized team racing sock ($11)
Specialized Road Bike/“Specialized Roubaix Pro” ($5,000)

Green “Go West” Jersey (from Club Ride; $89.99), Pants ($99.99)
“Specialized” brand Fixed Gear Bike/“Specialized Roll” ($860)
Specialized Road Bike/“Specialized Roubaix Pro” ($5,000)
cover cool1The Cool Chick
Starring Anna Wu

A looker, fashion forward and full of pep, Faust’s Anna Wu epitomizes the essence of cool. Spotted here wearing two dynamic pieces from the wonderfully inventive Synergy Organic Clothing—booming in popularity across the country but based right here in Santa Cruz—Wu’s prowess is both hypnotic and intoxicating. Phew.

The Clothes:
Synergy Organic Clothing, 1229 Pacific Ave.,Santa Cruz, (888) 466-0411 ext 201; 1126, Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz, (888) 466-0411 ext 121;

Green scoop-neck long sleeve dress ($33)

Grey dress with cowl neck  ($39)
Starring MIles Clanton, Rodrigo Laffite, Asia Carpenter and Anju lewis

Good Lord—were these youngsters born after 1990? Are they old enough—make that young enough—to be your own child? (Put down the Valium and stay with me here). Any way you spin it, these young folks are Santa Cruz: Next Gen. Here, our posse struts the very best that local clothing titan Thieves has to offer. And some of the clan show off the coolest trends from Pacific Wave, too. Take note of Thieves, though, founded by Davy Reynolds and Bubb Rader. Beginning as “As Thick as Thieves,” an old simile that means the best of friends, the dynamic and relatively new company boasts a “spirit of good times in good company.” As a result, the clothing “speaks our mind—each and every individual involved in Thieves has a unique and interesting story but a few things unite us all; art, boards and music.” In the meantime, here’s a nod to Pacific Wave, too, for its continuing effort in offering the kind of sporty clothing locals always appreciate.

The Clothes:
Pacific Wave, 1502 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz, 458-9283,

cover hipster2Miles (center):
Thieves TSCCA Hat ($29)
Thieves 5 Feather Tee ($29)
Levi’s 511 Jeans
(from Pac Wave; $58)
Vans Authentic Shoes
(from Pac Wave; $43)

Rodrigo (right):
Thieves Classic
Snapback Hat ($29)
Thieves Heritage
3/4 Sleeve Shirt ($32)
Levi’s 511 Jeans
(from Pac Wave; $58)
Vans Old Skool Shoes
(from Pac Wave; $64)
Santa Cruz Screaming Foot Skateboard (from Pac Wave; $118)

Asia (left): Volcom Candy Shop Straw Fedora (from Pac Wave, $25), Thieves Flora Tee ($29), Volcom Pistol Legging Denim (from Pac Wave, $59), Toms Strappy Wedge ($69), Lance Ebert Fin Surfboard ($725)

Anju: Volcom Kahli Fedora ($22), Thieves Pact Tee ($29), Hurley Lowriser Shorts (from Pac Wave; $42),
Toms Classic Canvas Shoes (from Pac Wave; $42), Strawfoot Bag (from Pac Wave; $198); Slasher World Cruzer Skateboard ($132.95)

Anju: Volcrom Natalie Trench Dress ($89.50), Volcrom Social Animal Hat $39), Reef Uptown Sandals ($44),
Billabong Remember Bag (inquire at store)

MIles: Brixton Castor Fedora ($42), Pacific Wave Sunset Lane T ($29), Volcrom Strots Boardshorts ($55), Lance Ebert Fin Surfboard ($725) Santa Cruz Red Banana Board Skateboard from Pac Wave ($99)

The Nonconformist

cover non1Starring Kim Luke

Economic meltdowns are never fun, but the good news is that they are more easily weathered than, say, emotional ones. That said, when the going gets cash-strapped, the cash-strapped get creative. Here, our smart shopper proves that you can take a break from convention and look sassy as ever in vintage clothes from the likes of the beloved Moon Zoom.

The Clothes:
Moon Zoom, 813 Pacific Ave.,
Santa Cruz, 423-8500

I Heart Bacteria T-shirt ($12), Floral handbag ($22), Red/orange plastic sunglasses ($8),
Scarf ($3), Houndstooth blazer/coat ($50)
The Techie
cover techie1Starring Nick Llewellyn

Modern-tech’s advances rage on. So, whether you’re that somebody creating the fancy gadgets we’ve come to adore, or that person who just can’t get enough of them, it’s best to look the part.

The Clothes:
Stripe Men 117 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz,

Umble & Co. Gingham shirt ($80)
Mr. California Jacket ($148)
Ravel Tie ($36)
Vintage Hat ($34)
Tellason Canvas Jeans ($198)
Peter Mountain Works Messenger Bag ($76)

The Performer
cover performer1Starring Kim Luke

Ravenous for the stage and uninhibited in front of the camera, she’s always there—for you! In touch with her muses, she can plunge deeply into creative waters and swim toward entertainment nirvana—for you! She’ll endure rejection, reaction, reinvention—all for you! Whether she’s the lead singer in a local band, character actress on stage and screen (big or small), or host of a local awards—and then some—she is the quintessential (local) performer and you will be engaged. Better still, you’ll applaud.

The Clothes:
Cognito, 821 Pacific Avenue  Santa Cruz, 426-5414,

White with black floral print dress ($134)

Ukulele from Ukulele of Felton, 6235 Highway 9. Felton, 704-7027,
Award provided by the Digital Media Factory, where these photos were taken.
The Hunk
cover hunk1Starring Jonathan Strasser

Because you spot him in line at—oh, take your pick—the grocery store (?) and he takes your breath away. Because you spot him yet again, somewhere across town, and ponder what a coffee conversation might be like with him. Because you really don’t care about the coffee conversation and you are just plain smitten with his masculine beauty. Because … you always wondered what somebody who looks like this might look like in just, well, jeans and suspenders. Because we care enough about your inner needs, behold: The Hunk.

The Clothes:
Stripe Men, 117 Walnut Ave, Santa Cruz, 421 9252

Tellason Jeans ($198)
Work Suspenders ($24)


On the Map
FashionART Santa Cruz
Artist Angelo Grova’s first wearable art show was held in the parking lot of his gallery, Michaelangelo Gallery, to support a designer friend. Now, FashionART is in its seventh year and attracts a diverse array of (mostly local) designers and artists. And cover map fashionits popularity among Santa Cruzans is growing. Last year, the show sold out to 2,000 attendees at the Civic. Rose Sellery (pictured), the artist coordinator of the event, says that, “every year it’s different and new—it’s becoming one of those not-to-miss events.”

The show, which hits the Civic once again on Saturday, Sept. 22, features a fashion show spotlighting new and returning artists and designers. Some participants create day-to-day, finely crafted clothes, while others construct unique pieces that are better known as “wearable art.” Last year, Sellery created a couture gown called “Pearly Gates.” It has a corset decorated in thousands of vintage pearls and a cage-like skirt that can open. Every garment requires some artistry, but wearable art is intended as serious art pieces. “They’re very off-the-wall, I-hope-they-make-it-down-the-runway kind of outfits,” she says.

New to the event this year is Shop the Show, which will take place after the actual event—from noon to 4 p.m at Michaelangelo Gallery on Sept. 29. Attendees can see select pieces from the runway up close and will have the chance to buy them. And for the second year in a row, FashionART will be donating a portion of its ticket sales to the Santa Cruz Education Foundation, a nonprofit that helps Santa Cruz City schools develop and enhance underfunded programs.

“Each year brings new excitement with FashionArt,” says Designer Coordinator Tina Brown. “We have more designers this year, and a fantastic range of styles. Grova also notes that attendees, “know they will be entertained visually and in a wholesome way.” | Tanisha Wallis

Pictured: Jill Alexander of Jill Alexander Designs. To glimpse the looks from FashionART, check out the Rittenhouse Building on Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz about a month prior to the show. The front windows of the building will be filled with pieces from last year’s show. FashionART 2012 takes place at 7 p.m. (trunk show 7-10 p.m.), at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium on Saturday, Sept. 22. For more information, visit

Synergy Organic Clothing

Synergy may be the name of the up-and-coming Santa Cruz-based organic clothing company, but the word also gives an accurate description of Kate Fisher and Henry Schwab, the dynamic couple behind the label. Meaning “a cooperative action or functioning system,” this synergistic duo—she’s the founder, president and designer, he’s the CEO and CFO—has created an organic fashion empire dedicated to maintaining a sense of balance. That would be the balance of business and sustainability, fashion and functionality, value and quality.

The business for Fisher began in 1993 when she imported items from Nepal to sell at Grateful Dead shows, but Synergy evolved into the brand it is today once she merged her business with Schwab in 2006 after the birth of the couple’s first child. From there, the company has grown and the Synergy label is now sold in more than 500 retailers across the United States—including two Synergy locations in Santa Cruz—and is also sold at more than 100 events and festivals throughout the country each year.

Offering all-organic, women’s clothing, Synergy serves up a plethora of well-priced dresses, skirts, tops and yoga apparel for the environmentally conscientious yet fashion-minded individual.

As a mother of two young children I tend to lean towards designing clothing that is flattering to women and not too body conscious,” Fisher says of her simple, yet elegant pieces. The fall collection is flush with jewel-toned jumpers, silky soft bamboo jersey tunics and cozy fleece jackets. But what makes Synergy clothing truly stand out from other organic labels are the whimsical applique and screen print designs found on a number of pieces.
“We specialize in hand-work applique details on our clothing,” says Fisher. “Our winterberry, poppy and peacock applique have been popular.”

Although she grew up in fashion capitals New York, São Paolo and Rome, the dominant factor in her fashion aesthetic is the adherence to an organic lifestyle. “It is important to me as a business that we maintain a sense of integrity, mindfulness and sustainability in everything we do,” she says.

Synergy’s stringent sustainability model can be witnessed in each item of clothing that bears the company’s label. Beginning with organic cotton from India, the clothing is then handmade in Nepal using verifiable fair trade practices. The growing roster of designs fuse East and West, modern and ethnic, allowing Synergy clothing to truly live up to its name.

With pieces as comfortable as the bamboo cotton tunic and as cute as the ruched mini skirt, the synergism created by Fisher and Schwab has developed into a harmony of design and sustainability that blends perfectly into the Santa Cruz sensibility. | Leslie Patrick

Fisher’s Top Five Fall Syngery Fashion Picks:
Applique designs
Katmandu jumpers
Padme Dress
Soho Tunic
Organic fleece jackets

Learn more at Or visit the store at 1229 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz;
1126 Soquel Ave., Santa Cruz. Call 469-0411.

Before Shannon Murphy opened Jade, she was a fashion designer whose clothes were sold around the country. “I had been inspired with clothing and textiles from lots of world travel early on and decided to make a business out of it,” she says. Her clothes were made in India, where she also met her close friend and business partner, Barbara Koch, about 20 years ago.

“Once my daughter was a certain age, I realized I needed to be at home more than traveling for work,” Murphy explains.  So she opened Jade in November 2001 with a desire to support small and independent designers. “I believe there is a lot of talent coming from people who work independently.”

Murphy and Koch opened another boutique called Onyx, which is located in San Francisco’s Mission District, about three months ago. Onyx has been so successful that the duo are signing another lease for a shop on Divisadero Street in the city.

For fall, Murphy cites printed dresses and sweaters as items she is looking forward to selling in her store. “There is a long dress with long sleeves by Sam&Lavi that is to die for!” she notes. “In a deep red color which is also a great color for fall.”  | TW

Discover something unique at Jade, 1128 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz, 425-2244.

And Check Out:

• Forever 21 (1200 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz)
• Moda Bellisima (107 Locust St., Santa Cruz, 427-9787
• and the impressive fashion blog

Clothes matter. But so do fashion accessories. Take note of several items we found alluring for the upcoming season. PLUS: What is the “Fall Look?”

accessory bunnyBunnys Shoes / Bunnys Too
1350 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz, 423-3824;
1349 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz,  426-1654.

What It Is: Shoe den where shoes stand out—from fancy flip flops and  flats, to four-inch platforms and fabulous spikes. And Bunny’s Too? (Across the street): a festive fashion camp filled with durable and creative clothing and other home furnishings.

Bracelets (La Vee): White cuff with gold Fleur de Lys ($80)
Skinny gold bangles ($18); skinny white bangles ($30)

Fall Looks:
Bunnys Lizette Barajas recommends
1) Boots – Motorcycle, combat/miliarty (lace up) in different neutral colors.
2) Oxfords still popular
3) Black chunky wedges
Pacific Trading Co.
1224 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz, 423-3349.

What It Is: Über hip womens clothing portal perched on Pacific Avenue in Downtown Santa Cruz. Great finds. Terrific styles.

Sergio Gutierrez Liquid Metal silver cuff ($105)
Purse (Orla Kiely—$338)

accessory patrickPatrick James
7538 Soquel Drive, Aptos, 688-2105,

What It Is: Men’s clothing camp that offers a plethora of styles and just as many looks—from casual to formal. Operating out of Aptos for many years.

Robert Graham Barney Straw Fedora ($98)
Robert Talbot Silk Pocket Square ($55)
Pantherella Argyle Anklet Socks ($41.65)

Fall Looks:

1) Traditional suits popular, but with a modern twist
2)more tailored, slimmer clothes
3) Loosened ties, cuffed or shorter pants

accessory fetishShoe Fetish
1360 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz, 454-0287

What It Is: The go-to place for high-quality shoes and bags for the discerning shoe fiend who demands wearability with their “wow.”

Lodis Wallet ($94)

Fall Looks:
1) Loafers
2) Frye boots
3) Bigger leather purses in grey, burgundy

107 Walnut Ave., Santa Cruz, 421-9252,

accessory stripeWhat It Is: A winner in GT’s Readers’ Poll for Best Gifts, and Home Furnishings—also Best Womens clothing. Unique styles abound.

Geode ring, called Drewzy ring (from Bahgsu; $98)
Brand: Ax + Apple necklace ($178)

Fall Looks:
Stripe’s Dana Norell recommends:

1) Draped necklines and exaggerated collars
2) Red and burgundy are popular colors; color blocking still in
3) Granny chic—shop vintage!—bohemian prints and plaid

Stripe Men
117 Walnut Ave., Santa Cruz, 431-6182,

What It Is: Bold, adventurous, relatively new undertaking by Stripe’s Suna Lock and Dana Norrell that features stellar mens clothing, accessories and more.

acccessory stripemenAccessories:
Vintage belt ($42)
Vintage cuff links ($20)
Bow tie (Necks Tuesday: $62)

Fall Looks:
Stripe’s Dana Norell recommends
1) Polished, darker look—blues and blacks—and more fitted, tailored clothing
2) Cozy sweaters, flannels, crewneck sweatshirts
3) Military-inspired jackets with modern detailing

110 Cooper St., Suite 100 B, Santa Cruz, 427-9817,

accessory swayWhat It Is: Current fashion forward portal filled with fun clothes, shoes and accessories for the expressive gal with a mindful budget.
Backpack ($48)
Headband (xx)

Fall Looks:
Sway’s Raquel Rosem recommends:
1) Tailored Jackets and blazers
2) Crochet and lace – femininity
3) High waist jeans in different washes—acid wash and different colors
to liven things up

accessory wallflower

103 Locust St., Santa Cruz, 426-3526,

What It is: Wonderfully unique fortress filled with smartly made effortless clothing and accessories with a crafty, casual and carefree style.

Feather earrings from Beautiful Jean ($46)

Fall Looks:
Wallflower’s Terra Lynn:
1) Gothic, military, and Eastern inspiration
2) Violet, burgundy, burnt orange, and browns
3) Soft fabrics, such as velvet, corduroy, silk, and cotton
4) Little details in leather, lace, and velvet

1364 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz, 420-1300,

What It Is: Ground Zero for hand-picked designers and hi-quality resales, with a keen eye toward pieces that pop.
accessory twist
Earrings (Moxie San Francisco—$41)
Handbag (Alexander Wang—$130.45)

Fall Looks:
Twist’s Lara Caldas recommends:
1) Lots of lace
2) Colors: gray and nude
3) Masculine looks, particularly something oversize on top, smaller for bottoms, or vice versa.

** Special thanks for Kim Luke and Tanisha Wallis for assisting and discovering these gems.



First of all, a big thank you to you—yes you, the readers. You folks are pretty, handsome, gorgeous and all-around sexy beasts. Tell yourselves that every morning and see how life changes for you. (Go ahead, look in the mirror—validate yourself; we’ll wait.) That said, GT’s fashion issue would not have been possible without the creativity of Stripe Design Group, which assisted in the visual design of our fashion shoot. Big thanks to Stripe’s Suna Lock and Dana Norrell.

Immense gratitude to William Ow for use of the Wrigley Building ( on the Westside of Santa Cruz. Its vast warehouse space and corridors became the ideal setting for us in our ongoing mission to keep reinventing ourselves for our special publications. Even bigger thanks to Ow for use of superior props—a fascinating old truck (operated by a motorcycle inside) and two motorcycles—a vintage 1954 Triumph Tiger (cover shot) and a 1975 Ducati Mark 3. Ride on …

Warm thanks to our summer intern Tanisha Wallis. Without her loyalty, assistance and commitment—not to mention all that dashing about—this issue would not have been possible.

A heartfelt thank you to Anna Wu, owner/makeup artist at Faust Salon & Spa in Scotts Valley; and Emily Johnston of Faust Scotts Valley (219 Mt Hermon Road, Ste A1, Scotts Valley, 706-8960). Wu handled makeup for us; Johnston was our hair specialist.

Thank you to all of the retail stores and outlets for their participation: Stripe, Stripe Men, Wallflower, Shoe Fetish, Synergy Organic Clothing, Cognito, Moon Zoom, Pacific Wave and Thieves. Your cooperation eased our way through one wild and adventurous shoot.

Speaking of … Thank you Keana Parker for your great photographic eye.

To Joshua Becker: Words escape me/us. You are a brilliant art director. Godspeed.

We send big thank yous to our GT models, whose patience—and beauty—helped bring this issue to life:

Anju Lewis, Asia Carpenter, Rodrigo Laffite and Miles Clanton (The Hipsters)
Emily Hall (The Daredevils, The Troika)
Nick Llewellyn (The Daredevils, The Troika)
Adrian Valentine (The Daredevils, The Burners)
Richard Colunga (The Burners)
Anna Wu (The Cool Chick)
The ever-humorous Kim Luke (The Animal Rights Activist, The Nonconformist)
Jonathan Strasser (The Hunk, The Daredevils)

That’s it for this year. Wear it all well, people—and don’t wear yourselves out. See you next time. | Greg Archer

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