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ALOHA Bradley Cooper stars in this romantic comedy-drama from Cameron Crowe (Almost Famous) about a military contractor returning home to Hawaii to find an old girlfriend—but finds himself falling for the female Air Force officer assigned to watch him. Rachel McAdams, Emma Stone, and Alec Baldwin co-star. (PG-13) Starts Friday.

THE 100 YEAR OLD MAN WHO CLIMBED OUT THE WINDOW AND DISAPPEARED This darkly absurdist Swedish comedy, based on an international bestseller, follows an iconoclastic senior who sneaks out of a nursing home for one last adventure, while reflecting on his Forrest Gump-like participation in famous cultural and political moments from his century of life. Robert Gustafsson stars for director Felix Herngren. (R) 114 minutes. Starts Friday.

SAN ANDREAS  Dwayne Johnson stars in the first big disaster movie of the summer season, as a chopper pilot on a mission to save his daughter after the famous fault line goes kablooey and rips up the state of California. Carla Guigino, Alexandra Daddario, and Ioan Gruffudd co-star for director Brad Peyton (Journey 2: The Mysterious Island). (PG-13) 114 minutes. Starts Friday.

SUNSHINE SUPERMAN If jumping off of high places is your idea of a good time, don’t miss Marah Strauch’s documentary about Carl Boenish, founder of the extreme sport known as BASE jumping (freefalling off of cliffs or skyscrapers with a parachute pack), and his wife, Jean. The story is told via archival footage, some re-enactments, and plenty of aerial photography. (PG) 100 minutes. Starts Friday.

Film Events

CONTINUING SERIES: MIDNIGHTS @ THE DEL MAR Eclectic movies for wild & crazy tastes plus great prizes and buckets of fun for only $6.50. This week: BEETLEJUICE Michael Keaton is hilarious in Tim Burton’s 1988 extravaganza as a ” bio-exorcist” from the afterlife conjured up to help a nice young couple of ghosts rid their house of an obnoxious family of trendy New Yorkers. The effects, although gruesome, are pretty funny. (PG) 92 minutes. (**1/2)—Lisa Jensen. At the Del Mar, Friday-Saturday midnight only.

CONTINUING EVENT: LET’S TALK ABOUT THE MOVIES Film buffs are invited Wednesday nights at 7 p.m. to downtown Santa Cruz, where each week the group discusses a different current release. For our location and discussion topic, go to

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GOOD KILL Reviewed this week. (R) 103 minutes.

IRIS Less is definitely not more for Iris Apfel. A fixture on the New York City design scene for over sixty years, the 93-year-old doyenne of style proves that fashion has no expiration date, adorning her frail-seeming body with a riot of prints, patterns, feathers, bangles and beads. With her matter-of-fact demeanor, wry wit, and easy laugh, she’s a thoroughly beguiling subject for this entertaining doc. This last film completed by legendary documentarian Albert Maysles is a buoyant adventure in celebrating life. (PG-13) 80 minutes. (***1/2)—Lisa Jensen.

POLTERGEIST The old Steven Spielberg horror classic gets a makeover in this update. Sam Rockwell and Rosemarie DeWitt star as the parents whose little daughter starts to bond with aliens oozing into the household via the TV. Jared Harris co-stars for director Gil Kenan (Monster House; City of Ember). (PG-13) 93 minutes.

SLOW WEST It’s the Old West from a new perspective in John Maclean’s debut feature. A 16-yar-old Scottish aristocrat (Kodi Smit-McPhee) falls in love with a crofter’s daughter on his family estate; when her father gets into trouble and flees with her to America, the smitten young laird follows, hoping to track her down, falling in with a mysterious frontiersman (Michael Fassbender) with an agenda of his own. Ben Mendelsohn and Rory McCann (“The Hound” on Game of Thrones) co-star. (R) 84 minutes.

TOMORROWLAND Intent on turning every ride in their original theme park into a movie, the folks at Disney present this sci-fi mystery adventure about a jaded, former boy genius (George Clooney) and a bright teenage girl (Britt Robertson) on a journey of destiny to a placed called “Tomorrowland” that haunts their dreams. Directed by Brad Bird (The Iron Giant; Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol), from a script he wrote with Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof. (PG) 130 minutes.

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