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Love Your Local Band: Henry Chadwick

Henry Chadwick Plays at Moe’s Alley on Sunday, May 8.


What’s a Stupid Brother to do? For years, Henry Chadwick played pop-punk with his brother George (hence their name My Stupid Brother), but that’s slowed way down now that George has left Santa Cruz.

“He moved to New York and got his master’s,” says Henry of his brother George Chadwick. “He’s married, working at Apple. He’s having a life, being a real grown-up.”

Even though Henry stayed in Santa Cruz and continues to focus his energy on music, he’s doing some growing up as well. He’s been playing drums for the Coffis Brothers, but folks can get a listen to his new tunes on his debut solo record, Guest At Home, which he’s releasing Sunday at Moe’s—only his second show with live band Henry Chadwick and Battlesnake. Fans of My Stupid Brother’s pop-punk sound might be a little surprised at the direction Henry has gone.

“I’ve definitely been into other music for a while. It’s definitely a new sort of sound for me,” Henry says. “Most of the songs have a blend of old ’60s and ’70s influence—the Kinks, the Beatles, and some Bowie and T-Rex—but also some Nirvana, too. Hopefully it falls pleasantly between genres.”

The first song that Henry released off his EP, “Alright,” has a bit of an electronic feel and a mid-tempo groove, which is an outlier for the rest of the record. Also, his live band, Battlesnake, performs all the tunes in a much more rock ’n’ roll style sound. As Henry continues to write solo material, it could jump all over the place.

“I’m always going to be able to stand behind ‘Henry Chadwick.’ I’ll always be me,” he says. “I can make an album, keep working on that regardless of whatever else.”

INFO: 8 p.m. Sunday, May 8. Moe’s, 1535 Commercial Way, Santa Cruz. $7/adv, $10/door. 479-1854.

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