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Love Your Local Band: Bonny June & Bonfire

Bonny June & Bonfire play Wednesday, July 12 at the Crow’s Nest

Local Americana singer-songwriter Bonny June is excited to release her new album, Men Are For Kissin’, which should come out sometime later this year. As it’s been in the works for a year and half, she’s already got another one ready to go—and another after that is partially written. This is particularly fascinating because, while June has been singing her entire life, it wasn’t until 2012—when she released a debut album under the name Bonny Getz—that she wrote music. Then she wrote a lot.

“I have never considered myself to be a songwriter. I’d always written personal little birthday songs for my friends. Then really serious songs started coming in, and I never went back,” June says.

Prior to her first album, she was a contestant on the MARS Studio Songwriter Showcase, put on by guitarist Ken Kraft. Kraft was so taken by her songwriting skills he offered to help her with arrangements, and to put a band together.

That Bonny Getz debut is a lush six-piece big-band/country album, full of ballads. After the release, she, Kraft and bassist Craig Owens continued the process as a trio.

“That album was a catharsis for me—very personal, a lot of things that had happened in my life,” June says.

Since writing that record, she’s reinvented herself as Bonny June. Her sad, personal songs are balanced with upbeat, funny ones. Giant Amazon women, were-women, and a serial killer alligator hunting down a frog appear in her set.

“People really enjoy that side of it. Now I feel like we have enough material to keep people interested,” June says.

INFO: 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, July 12. Crow’s Nest, E Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz. $3. 476-4560.

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