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LYLB-Do'h-BrothersConsidering their name is taken from one of the show’s most famous catchphrases, it should come as no surprise that the Do’h Brothers are major fans of The Simpsons.

“I used to have a whole room in my house with a bunch of Simpsons stuff—it’s become my daughter’s room at this point,” says guitarist/vocalist Dave Muldawer. “We wanted to come up with some sort of Simpsons thing. Nobody ever gets the name. They call us the Dough Boys or the Dill Brothers.”

The band plays a wide array of danceable rock covers by groups like Dire Straits, the Cars, the Kinks, Foreigner, and Don Henley, as well as some original rock tunes.

“I see myself as a songwriter along the lines of Steve Miller, Tom Petty and Bob Seger,” says Muldawer. “If our originals were made back in the ’70s, they’d fit right in there.”

Muldawer first got together with bassist Greg Brown in 2007 to record roughly 25 originals. Their sessions turned into a band, and they played primarily original tunes, developing a modest following. After their drummer moved out of state, they played less frequently until they replaced him in 2013. Since then, the group has changed a little.

“When we got going again, people wanted to hear more covers than originals. So we switched from doing 80 percent originals to 80 percent covers,” Muldawer says.

A lot of their shows feature several sets, with a mellower set to start while people are having dinner. Then they bust out the louder, more danceable songs later in the evening, always squeezing in some originals.

“A song works if it gets everybody pumped up and on the dance floor. You keep that one in the set list. Sometimes you try a song and the dance floor becomes less crowded. You maybe cut that one out. It’s been a process of trial and error,” Muldawer says. “We love being loud and rocking out once we get a drink or two in us. We love getting people out there dancing.” 

INFO: 9 p.m. Friday, July 24. Crow’s Nest, 2218 E Cliff Drive, Santa Cruz. $6. 476-4560.

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