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What’s in a century? To put it another way, what’s the difference between a 100-year-old landmark that matters, and one that’s just really, really old? I think the reason the centennial of the Santa Cruz Wharf is such a big deal is revealed in Geoffrey Dunn’s cover story this week.

The wharf’s significance is somewhat obscured by its functionality—we don’t necessarily think about the huge role it’s played in shaping Santa Cruz culture while we’re out having fish and chips, or perusing classic cars. But give Dunn’s very personal history a read, and notice the names of all the other people he mentions whose life stories were, like his own, intertwined with the story of the Santa Cruz Wharf. And that’s just his own slice of its history—multiply that exponentially, and you begin to get a sense of how many family stories have been tied to the wharf over its 100 years in existence. It’s physically the longest pier on the West Coast, but as a platform for the dramas of Santa Cruz life over the last century, it’s been even bigger.

So as Santa Cruz throws a day-long celebration in its honor this Saturday (including fireworks on Main Beach at 9 p.m.), here’s to the Santa Cruz Wharf. Planks for the memories.

Steve Palopoli | Editor-in-Chief



Living Testament
Outstanding GT cover this week (Philip Glass)! The press people at the printer should get some kind of award for this image. I cut it off and pinned it on my wall. (At first glance, I thought it might be an obituary edition. Whew!)
Rich D. | Santa Cruz

Police crimes
Re: “Hometown Security” (GT, 9/24): In regards to the high rate of crime in Santa Cruz, the police are doing the crime, and justifying it with safety concerns. They have been going after skateboarders, people trying to have a night’s rest outside of a house, people playing music downtown too close to a parking meter, to name a few. These tickets to the musicians or artists displaying their work downtown are $350. This is robbery, by the police in public, of innocent people. Nobody can do anything about it, everyone just has to stand around and watch, most people try to ignore it, because they have the law and a gun on their side. I out of fear of harassment do not go and play music downtown, and don’t enjoy it as much because there are so many fewer musicians due to the extremely over-burdening presence, of safety and law officials, I find it scary. Thank you, Good Times, I appreciate your articles and am happy with the change.
Homie G | Santa Cruz


Re: FashionART
My sister has a degree in Fashion Design. Her drawings of outfits amazed me as a child. This article brought back those feelings. FashionART symbolizes what drew me here—rugged Santa Cruz individualism combined with artistic community.
— John Colby

Re: Trevor Hall
Trevor, you have inspired me with your music. You have inspired me with my guitar and please, man, keep playing. Your music has touched my life, and I’ll never stop listening to your voice. You are talented, you are good, positive vibes for a hurt world, and I look up to you and your music.
— Ben Gillmore

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photo contest


WAITING FOR FIREWORKS “Let’s Watch the Sunset Together,” with local musician Paul Damon and an unnamed cephalopod at the Santa Cruz Wharf. Photograph by Samantha Romero.
Submit to [email protected] Include information (location, etc.) and your name. Photos may be cropped. Preferably, photos should be 4 inches by 4 inches and minimum 250 dpi.

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New Kids on the Block
The city, local police and UCSC partnered with Santa Cruz Neighbors on Sunday, Sept. 28, for a series of block parties around town. Among other things, the event was an opportunity for students to talk with neighbors to hopefully lay a groundwork for a friendly year. Also, someone’s got to feed these twenty-somethings besides Domino’s

good idea

Price Points
The City of Santa Cruz is organizing a Water Supply Convention on Oct. 16 to talk drought survival. One of the many important ideas being tossed around is conservation pricing, which would better reward residents who use less water. Some officials have expressed concerns about keeping revenues steady, because customers have already been cutting back usage so effectively.


“The three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a primeval wood and the sound of outer ocean on a beach.”
— Henry Beston

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