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Letter to the Editor: Not Just NIMBY

A letter to the editor of Good Times

Twin Lakes State Beach in Santa Cruz. PHOTO: TARMO HANNULA

Re: “Constructive Arguments” (GT, 4/21): I’d like to point out that opposition to the proposed 831 Water Street project is not just driven by NIMBY feelings of neighbors, as the article seems to imply. There are two other credible issues beyond the fact it’s proposed as a five-story building in a one-story neighborhood (with the rooftop as another commercial space):

1) The location impacts what is already a major traffic thoroughfare with significant safety issues. Now imagine five stories of additional residents and traffic at that corner, as well as parking below.

2) All of the proposed units, excepting two, are for 1 BR or Studio apartments. Where are families supposed to live?  Is the growth of Santa Cruz only focused on wealthy, single urbanites?

I.J. Bloom | Santa Cruz

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