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Letter to the Editor: Spoiler Alert

A letter to the editor of Good Times

Twin Lakes State Beach in Santa Cruz. PHOTO: TARMO HANNULA

Re: “Tax Cut” (GT, 6/30): Nobody likes to be a spoiler. When you’re a spoiler, everyone who wanted something badly is mad at you. But what if the spoiler is right? Then we might call them courageous. That appears to me to be the appropriate term for Sandy Brown’s lonely dissent on the vote to declare a fiscal emergency in Santa Cruz. I don’t mind that a fiscal emergency declaration could lead to a sales tax increase. It’s what the money is being spent on. Sandy has made the point that we are spending huge amounts on consultants while still not paying all essential city workers a living wage. For this stand, I think she deserves big props, not the condemnation that majorities often feel a “spoiler” deserves.

Michael Levy
Santa Cruz

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