NUZ: Don’t Believe Everything Strange Men with Clipboards Say

Woman who signed recall petition plans to withdraw her name

A couple weeks ago, 25-year-old Chloe Newton was nannying at someone else’s house when there was a knock at the door. 

The man on the doorstep was collecting signatures for a recall effort against City Councilmembers Drew Glover and Chris Krohn. He mentioned that Glover had sexually assaulted two women, Newton says. Shocked, she signed her name without giving the issue much thought. “I just really regretted signing it,” says Newton, who quickly learned that what the man with the clipboard said was a lie.

Days later, her mom Susan Zackovich walked up to a recaller tabling at the surfer statue on West Cliff. Zackovich says the man started talking to her about how Glover wasn’t fairly elected and that he actually came in seventh place last year. More lies.

Recall leader Dan Couglin expresses skepticism that the exchanges really happened the way Zackovich and Newton describe them. If anything, he says, they could have been mere miscommunications. He stresses that organizers make a point of training petition gatherers to understand that there have been no allegations of Glover or doing anything sexually inappropriate. “And we don’t even hint that he wasn’t fairly elected,” he adds.

Newton was relieved to hear that it is, in fact, possible for her to withdraw her name from the petition by contacting the Santa Cruz city clerk. Anyone interested in withdrawing their name from the petition can visit

Anyone interested in living in a functioning, circus-free democracy, however, has little recourse at this point.

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