NUZ: Fire Hydrant Crashes and PG&E Blackouts

The lights may be going out for thousands in Santa Cruz County

Santa Cruz drivers must really hate fire hydrants, because they won’t stop running them over.

The fire hydrant at Ocean and Broadway, by the 7-Eleven, seems to get ambushed every year, creating a massive water fountain. Someone hit it again on Sunday night, Oct. 6, and sent waterfall-like rapids downhill over the sidewalk and all over Ocean Street. Apparently fed up, public works crews removed the hydrant once and for all. Then, on Monday evening, a driver took out a fire hydrant on West Cliff Drive.

It’s a real hassle for emergency crews and drivers, but if you pause to soak it in, it’s a heck of a lot easier than traveling to Yellowstone to see Old Faithful.


With high winds and heat in the forecast, PG&E has announced that there could be power blackouts around California due to high fire risk. Shutoffs for up to 32,000 homes and businesses in Santa Cruz County are planned everywhere from Santa Cruz to Aptos, Bonny Doon to Watsonville. Go to or for updates.

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