Opinion: July 17, 2019

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renowned opera soprano Jamie Barton is among the artists featured at this year's Cabrillo music festival.

Editor's Note

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RBG mania couldn’t have come at a better time. In an era when the national discourse can be downright depressing on a daily basis, our sudden collective obsession with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has made politics fun again. And the Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music is giving us a reason to get excited for the Notorious RBG all over again this summer. The festival’s much-anticipated premiere of composer Kristin Kuster’s When There Are Nine, inspired by Ginsburg’s life, was the impetus for the “My Own Words: The Law and Legacy of RBG” event, which GT did a cover story about back in May. Now the main event is finally here, as the Cabrillo Festival kicks off July 28.

But what’s most interesting about Christina Waters’ cover story on the festival this week is that she goes beyond the flashiest RBG angle to look at how the festival is doing more than just talking about gender equality (the 2019 festival was conceptualized around the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage) by actually investing in the work of women composers. And in multiple interviews with those composers, she then flips the issue around again by showing how what they’re bringing to the festival is about so much more than gender. The musical visions that will be realized this year are some of the Cabrillo Festival’s most exciting ever, and I think you’ll enjoy reading about them.

Letters to the Editor

GT’s cover story “Wish You Were Here” (GT, 6/26) would be dangerous if an authentic immigrant from Mexico would be able to boast about the truth of dual citizenship (which is basically what the white “ex pat” and “author”) is blabbing about. Many of us have understood the beauty, merits, and community that exists in Mexico, but many of us have not had the white privilege to bounce from one county to another. A better and more important story would for a real journalist to travel to Watsonville to talk to people who are the real deal and who can offer real insight about what it is like to exist in two countries, who have labored day in and day out, and who are now subject to political scorn, hate and violence by this “so called” democracy. Dig a little deeper for local stories GT, we know you can do it, because stories like this are far from insightful. ¿Se Puede?

Gregorio Paz

Shocking Declines

Thank you for the recent article informing your readers about the impact of climate change on amphibians (GT, 7/3). While in Belgium, I was chatting with a government biologist and was astounded to learn of the decline of flying insects in Southern France. He told me there had been a 75% reduction over the past 40 years. Since then I’ve learned that nature is dying everywhere, but most of the media seems unconcerned. Please make it a habit to inform your readers of what is going on. Unfortunately, rising tides and increasing storms look like secondary issues when compared to the collapse of life’s infrastructure. Food production will come under increasing pressures. Young people need to be acutely aware of how seriously climate change will impact their futures.

Mike Duffy
Scotts Valley

Thank You, Nina

Santa Cruz and the world is a much better place because of Nina Simon (GT, 6/5).  Thank you, Nina for your farm-to-table exhibit. You eloquently set up a banquet table and guided us to gold-plated plates where we stared directly into the farmers’ eyes. Thank you for the foster children’s exhibit where each child unfolded their personal belongings, opening our hearts to their daily life struggles.  I could go on and on, but most importantly I wanted to let you know that your spirit and impact has truly been felt, and you will be sorely missed.  

Debbie Morton
Santa Cruz

Re: Nuz on Recall

This Good Times article contains biased snark. I agree that Republicans as a group make decisions that are callous. But by pointing out that Republicans can be shitbags, it’s as if you’re saying the “opposite” is automatically laudable? That’s just stupid. Drew Glover lied about there being no drug use at the Ross camp, and five people died on the premises. I consider myself to be very far left. Glover and this article are embarrassments to the group.

— Ed

Re: Expats

Terrific article about Janet, and women moving abroad. Even better was the inverted perspective on living in the U.S. Just as the U.S. needs to widen its global vision, the rest of the world needs to stop thinking of the U.S. as the only repository for the American Dream.

— Chris Watson

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